Tragic case of missing Auckland alpaca still unsolved one year on

It's been just over a year since the heartbreaking case of a stolen alpaca moved Kiwis - but police aren't ready to declare him dead just yet.

It was March 12, 2018, when Charisma was stolen from his Dairy Flat paddock, north of Auckland. He was whisked away overnight, never to be seen again.

His blind brother, Bambi, was left alone and devastated. Unable to navigate his paddock without his brother's help, a herd animal without a herd.

Police launched an appeal for help, including a moving video of an officer comforting blind Bambi.

"We need to find this alpaca. For the sake of his family, and for the sake of this little guy," the officer declared.

Despite many promising leads, the search for Charisma has turned up empty.

A year on, police are still holding out hope.

"A few people contacted police with information after our appeal, which was followed up, however unfortunately these leads didn't eventuate to any developments in the investigation," a police spokesperson told Newshub this month.

"Police have no new leads at this time to follow up, however any new information which is brought to our attention will be assessed and followed up."

There's no official theory as to what happened to Charisma, or whether he'll be found safe and alive.

"Based on our information we are unable to say either way about the whereabouts or fate of Charisma," the spokesperson said.

But a year on, there is one glimmer of light in the world. Bambi was able to be united with a new friend, a fellow alpaca named Ronaldo. Life has formed a new normal for the family.

Anyone with information about Charisma's kidnapping is urged to call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or Orewa police on 09 426 4555.