Troy Dubovskiy supported alleged Christchurch gunman, was a 'significant threat' - police

Police are refusing to confirm or deny if they are investigating a possible separate terror attack in Christchurch, linked to the dead former Russian soldier Troy Dubovskiy.

They today revealed they believe Dubovskiy, who died of suspected suicide after being raided for firearms last week, was a "significant threat to the community".

In response to repeated requests from Newshub police refused comment, beyond saying their inquiry was on-going and two other individuals were "under further investigation." 

They said Dubovskiy supported the Christchurch terror attack and had violent extremist content at his house, as well as firearms and ammunition.

Dubovskiy initially came to police attention due to some concerning emails he sent, which included reference to the Christchurch terror attacks, Canterbury District Commander Superintendent John Price said .

Search warrants were executed on three properties that Dubovskiy lived at or had access to. A number of items of concern were located at these properties including firearms, ammunition and violent extremist content.

When Dubovskiy was located, police spent three hours negotiating with him.

Price told Newshub that based on the nature of the items located during the search warrant, what Dubovskiy said to officers during the negotiation, and subsequent enquiries, police are of the view that he posed a significant threat to the community.

This remains an ongoing investigation. 

Based on inquiries to date, it is clear Dubovskiy supported the actions of the man charged with murder in relation to the Christchurch terror attacks. However no connection has been established between the two.

Police staff who dealt with Dubovskiy during the incident which resulted in his death were aware of the items located during the warrants and the threat he posed. 

Dubovskiy was forcibly extracted from the vehicle, and taken along the ground back to a point of safety.

During this process, Dubovskiy received a dog bite and abrasions to his face. Police believe that this was the cause of any facial bruising.

The police actions in dealing with Dubovskiy are subject to a separate investigation.

However the preliminary view is that police staff acted in a well-considered, courageous and brave manner, in a potentially high-threat situation. 

"I commend my staff for their actions and commitment to keeping the community safe as they attempted to resolve the situation peacefully. This outcome was one no-one wanted," Price told Newshub.

He says police did their utmost to resolve the situation peacefully, and provided first aid immediately upon observing Dubovskiy's injuries.

He added police are unable to comment further, due to an on-going investigation.

"We are not in a position to provide any further details as to the threat posed by Mr Dubovskiy, as there are two persons subject to further investigation and the release of any further detail will prejudice this investigation."