Waikato police catch driver swiping on Tinder while driving

Waikato police are calling on the public to pull over if they need to "swipe right" after fining a man caught using Tinder while driving.

On Thursday, a team of Waikato police were monitoring traffic on the Hamilton's central Anglesea St with special attention put on seatbelts and people using cellphones.

There were more than 30 fines handed out over the day, but one offender was given a special shout-out on the cops' Facebook page.

"One gentleman will be given a special mention for his use of Tinder whilst driving," a post said.

"He was swiping across his options and failed to notice the police officer looking at him."

But before the man was given an $80 fine and 20 demerit points, the post said things got "embarrassing" when he "tried to tell a little fib".

While that fib wasn't disclosed on Facebook, the police have warned that if people "need to swipe right" they better "pull over to the left".

"There are many offences that we enforce and this is done to keep you safe on the road and on the footpaths."

Waikato police have caught attention online before for their wildly entertaining version of James Corden's 'Carpool Karaoke'.


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