Weather: New Zealand to get sub-zero temperatures over next few days

Widespread frosts will see the South Island shivering in sub-zero temperatures over the next few days.

The freezing nights will hit hardest around the mountains, according to Weather Watch.

Queenstown, Alexandra, Gore, Lumsden and Wanaka are all likely to receive frost, with temperatures dropping to around -1degC over the next three nights.

A cold front moving across the island will bring wind, rain and maybe even a little bit of snow, according to Metservice.

Canterbury could also see some light frost - but the further north you go, the warmer it will get.

However, that's not to say it's balmy for the North Island, as most areas will sit between 6degC and 11degC.

The East Coast is looking cloudy and wet with low temperatures, and wind. 

However, Metservice meteorologist Tui McInnes says the West Coast is looking relatively clear over the weekend - albeit a bit cold.

He says it will be wet in the east and dry in the west across all of New Zealand, due to a change in our usual westerly wind.

Over the coming days, wind will come from the southeast, resulting in cloudy wet weather for the East, and relatively clear days for the west.



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