'Welcome to the Auckland housing market' - sleepout for rent causes outrage

A sleepout for rent in Auckland is causing outrage online over its tiny size and costly price.

The listing for the self-contained sleepout, posted on Facebook group "Auckland Flatmates Wanted & Flats Available", shows photos of a 10m2 space furnished with a single bed, fridge, sink, microwave and stove-top along with a small shower and wash basin. 

The description for the sleepout says the space is a perfectly fine living arrangement that's been successfully rented out before.

"My last tenant stayed there for 2 years with no problem. In fact his wife was there for a few months visiting him."

A successful applicant can rent the space in the west Auckland suburb of Glen Eden for $180 per week, plus utilities.

The listing for the sleepout.
The listing for the sleepout. Photo credit: Reddit

The post was then spotted and shared on Reddit where users were quick to voice their disgust at what can pass for legitimate housing in Auckland.

"Honestly who lives like that just so they don't have to live in the regions," one user commented.

"A prison cell? In Auckland? For 180? LUXURY!," another added.

Others pointed out the questionable legality of the sleepout.

"If it's non-compliant or illegal, then potentially you can make a claim to the Tenancy Tribunal. Plus it would be ones civic duty to questions its legality too, as to deter substandard living conditions such as this one displayed in the photographs," a comment read.

However, other users said that this kind of rental is now just the reality of living in Auckland.

"Welcome to the Auckland housing market," one of the first replies to the post said.