World swinging record spat: Why the current record holder thinks Napier teen will fail

A Napier teenager is attempting to beat the Guinness World record for the most hours on a swing - but the current record holder says his rest-breaks invalidate his attempt.

Pukekohe woman Aimee Pivott says 16-year-old Charlie O'Brien won't beat her record, because he took five minute breaks every hour.

In 2013, Pivott swung for a total of 32-hours, fracturing her pelvis in four places during the process.

She was swinging to raise money for a liberty wheel chair swing for her community.

Pivott told NZME the five minute breaks needed to be deducted from O'Brien's 33-hour swing.

O'Brien says that is not the case.

"It states pretty clearly in the rules that you're allowed rest breaks and they contribute to the time. Aimee Pivott is saying they don't but that's just not true," he told Newshub.

"I don't wanna start beef with her or anything 'cause it's so small and stupid to be honest."

The Guinness World record rules say "rest breaks do still count towards the final total length of time."

O'Brien says he's not too fussed about the outcome of his swinging attempt.

"We'll submit the video [to Guinness] in a couple of weeks, and they'll check it and then either I'm the record holder or I'm not," he told Newshub.

"I can say all I like about the rules but it's all up to [Guinness] really."



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