Auckland Zoo welcomes adorable baby otters

Auckland Zoo has announced the birth of three new baby otters - and they will melt your heart.

In a post on Facebook on Thursday, coincidentally World Otter Day, the zoo confirmed their adult otters Kanan and Takumi have become parents.

"It's early days with the pups only a few weeks old," wrote Lauren Booth, the carnivore team leader.

"It's likely to be at least a month before we will start to see them venturing outside of their nestbox and learning how to swim."

The babies and their parents are Asian small-clawed otters. They are listed as vulnerable in their home of South East Asia.

Agriculture, habitat loss and pollution are all contributing factors to the species' decline.

"We are absolutely delighted that we can introduce more precious otter pups into the world that will one day go on to have pups of their own!" wrote Lauren.

The post finished with a promise to keep New Zealand updated on the progress of the babies. Hopefully, in a few weeks, they'll be ready for a visit.