Creepy clown caught roaming Dunedin streets on electric wheelchair

A creepy clown sitting in an electric wheelchair was filmed driving around Dunedin streets at night. 

The footage of the bizarre - and slightly terrifying - moment was subsequently shared to Facebook. 

Disability support worker, 33-year-old Sam McKean, recorded the real-life horror scene on his phone after seeing the clown roaming the Octagon city centre at around 8pm on Wednesday night.

"I thought it was really creative and inventive," McKean said to Newshub. 

The clown and its electric wheelchair circled around the intersection, coming in close proximity to McKean's vehicle while he waited at the traffic lights. 

"I did feel slightly apprehensive when it came towards the car," he admitted. 

"I've never seen anything like that before."

It's not known why the clown was in the Octagon or whose idea it was. 

Let's just hope the clown doesn't take its wheelchair for a joy ride.