Duncan Garner's bizarre weekend encounter with Mt Roskill drug dealer

The AM Show host Duncan Garner has shared his story of how a teenager tried to sell him hard drugs over the weekend.

Garner said the incident occurred at a Mt Roskill shopping centre at 7pm in the evening.

"There was a young kid there, 13, 14 or 15... and he waved out to me, I'd never seen him before and I waved back, parked the car, went inside and bought what I needed to.

"I came out and he came up to me and said 'g'day sir, how are you?', a charismatic, good-looking young guy."

After exchanging further pleasantries, the teenager got straight to the point with his true intentions for the conversation.

"'Um, would you like some crack cocaine, or some meth?' and I said 'what?' and he offered me drugs.

"And I said 'how much?' and he said $350 and I said 'look, I'll pass on those for now'."

After making it clear he wasn't interested in an exchange, the young would-be dealer made a quick getaway.

"He did then start to jog through the carpark and then started running away... I was gobsmacked.

"That's brash, I could've been an off-duty cop!"

Garner then warned families to be wary of similar situations in that part of Auckland.

"What happens when it's your daughter, or son walking out of that shop? Because that's who they're targeting, so parents in this area should be concerned."