'Extremely disgusting': Church's anti-abortion billboard appalls Kaitaia locals

A Northland church appears to be standing by a controversial anti-abortion sign it's erected in front of its building.

The Cornerstone Christian Centre in Kaitaia posted a photograph of its new sign to Facebook and swiftly began receiving negative comments.

The sign reads: "Thanks mum for not aborting me. Happy Mothers Day. C U Sunday @10am (sic)."

It was posted to Facebook on Thursday afternoon, and comments began to pour in, with social media users labelling it "disgusting" "appalling" and "shameful."

"Smash that stupid sign down. Pathetic," wrote one woman.

Another posted a revised version of the sign, altered to read: "Thanks Mum. I love you. Happy Mothers Day."

Others provided a more in-depth analysis.

"When you divide people with a poorly constructed sign like this, you destroy the very things that we all need, compassion, empathy, love. We are stronger together and you've just pulled a whole bunch of people apart."

'Extremely disgusting': Church's anti-abortion billboard appalls Kaitaia locals
Photo credit: Facebook/ Cornerstone Christian Centre

However, just as quickly as people were commenting, the moderators for the Church's Facebook page were deleting them - which didn't go down well.

"Spineless," wrote one man after he realised all the feedback was being deleted.

"If you post it, defend it. Keep deleting, we will keep commenting. You are divisional and archaic. You have no sense to debate your ridiculous statement. Just hide behind the delete button."

"Don't preach to be brave when you can't even stand up and face your own hateful messages."

Newshub has approached Cornerstone Christian Centre for comment.

The church eventually posted a comment of its own on the post, writing: "Thanks for all the different comments. The sign says it all. If our Mum's (sic) have aborted us, we wouldn't be here to thank them."

A reply to the church's defence sums up the general feeling of those having their comments deleted.

"Thanks for the different comments but we don't want to hear anything else apart from our own opinion. I hope your sign isn't standing in the morning."