Gang takeover of 'sacred' place prompts meeting

A meeting's being held in Hastings on Thursday over concerns about gang activity at the top of Te Mata Peak.

The most recent incident saw the road closed on Saturday due to an apparent patching ceremony.

Hastings Councillor Damon Harvey says the community is fuming.

"I have been blown away by the response since this came out publicly two days ago, and 100 percent have been behind the fact this sort of activity should not happen," he told Newshub.

Harvey was told police were at the patching, but didn't stop it. It's apparently not the first time either, with a similar event taking place in January.

The Mayor, police, iwi and Te Mata Park Trust will attend Thursday's meeting.

Harvey said the disruption was unacceptable, with a wedding party among those affected.

"They were stuck there for two hours, one - unable to get their photos taken on what is a sacred and amazing place, but two - really enjoy their wedding day."

Te Mata Peak.
Te Mata Peak. Photo credit: Getty

Harvey says the meeting will look at a way forward.

"We've got bylaws - we just need to go through what those bylaws are. Maybe we can enforce something."

If any other group wanted to use both the road access and the summit car park, they would need the council's permission, Harvey says, which would also require public notification.



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