Giant zebra statue stolen from car part company

A giant statue has been stolen from its display platform on the back of a truck - but this time it's not a gnome, it's a zebra.

The huge plastic animal is used to advertise an Auckland end of life car collection company, but it disappeared in broad daylight.

Known as 'Debra', the giant company mascot usually sits on the back of a truck in Onehunga advertising Warren Strong's car parts company.

"It's sitting here all night, and someone could come in and quietly steal it, but to take it in broad daylight that's a pretty cheeky thing to do," Strong said.

One of his workers, Brett Small, first noticed Debra had been pinched when he went to get lunch yesterday.

"I looked across and thought something's not right here, so I went round the corner, came back again, and thought - zebra's gone," Small said.

But the two metre tall, three metre long statue wouldn't have been easy to move.

Purchased for close to $3000, it took two people to lift Debra the zebra onto the back of this truck, where she's sat untouched for more than six months.

"They certainly didn't take it away on a motorbike, and they probably didn't take it away on a car, it must have been another truck," said Strong.

Now only bolts have been left behind by the thieves, who cut the tie downs that held Debra in place and unbolted her legs from the steel pellet she stood on.

Strong says he doesn't know why anyone would steal a zebra, but wherever Debra is, she won't be difficult to spot.

"To the people who took her, it's quite funny, so long as it comes back."

He has reported it to the police, but is hoping Debra makes her way back home to go back on display where she belongs.


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