Heartwarming moment young boy feeds homeless dogs after begging dad to help

A young boy's heartwarming actions have been shared on social media after begging his dad to feed a pair of homeless dogs.

House of Shem musician Te Omeka Perkins was driving with his son, Shem Perkins, when the nine-year-old saw the animals next to Hamilton residents sleeping rough with signs asking for help.

"He burst out crying and I said 'what's the matter?'" Te Omeka told Newshub. "He said 'I want to feed the poor dogs and their caregivers'."

Shem then made his dad stop and go to the supermarket to buy dog food and snacks for them.

"I must have a cold a** heart cause I honestly got angry cause I wanted to rush home and do something but his cry as we drove past def made me soften down to a little baby," Te Omeka wrote on Facebook. "Bless your big heart Shem good boy."

Video of the encounter was posted to Facebook showing Shem feeding the dogs, who wag their tails in excitement.

"This is the third time he's cried for homeless people," Te Omeka told Newshub. "He's always had a big caring heart."

His selfless actions have touched the hearts of hundreds of Kiwis around the country.

"Such aroha look at the compassion this kid has for the less fortunate but those dogs knew straight away judging by their tails wagging that Shem was full of aroha for them xx so so special xx," one person wrote.

"Awww blessings to you what a lovely person u are," another said.