Teachers strike around New Zealand

Police are investigating "threatening behaviour" at the Rotorua teachers' strike.

Witnesses say that a driver attempted to intimidate the marchers and reportedly drove towards them aggressively. Police are now making enquiries.

"Police were called about 12:15pm following a report of threatening behaviour by someone in a vehicle on Pukuatua St, Rotorua," a police spokesperson told Newshub.

"The vehicle is said to have been revved in the vicinity of pedestrians and the occupant reportedly made rude comments and gestures."

More than 50,000 teachers - from both primary and secondary schools - walked out of the classroom on Wednesday and took to the streets of our main cities.

The Government says it's offered $1.2 billion to the teachers but they're demanding a better deal.

The strike has closed at least half of all schools and left the parents of almost 774,000 children scrambling to find other things for them to do.

Earlier in the day:

2:10pm - Parents support strike despite impact on work, families

Parents around New Zealand say they support the strike despite the impact it's had on their work and families.

Newshub features editor Rhonwyn Newson, whose children attend Red Beach School in north Auckland, says we need to value our teachers and "make the profession a viable option as a career".

"Today's teacher's strike has meant dipping into my husband's annual leave so he can stay at home to look after our two school-age children," she says.

"I used some of my leave only a few weeks ago when teachers attended a union meeting.

"There is overwhelming support for teachers by parents - we recognise the wonderful work teachers do for our next generation.

"We hope the Government pays attention to teachers, and negotiates not only higher pay, but more classroom support and less contact time with kids."

1:55pm - Teachers boo Hipkins during speech

Education Minister Chris Hipkins has received a frosty reaction from teachers during their strike.

"Huge boos from the crowd of teachers as Chris Hipkins speaks to them outside Parliament," tweeted Newshub politics reporter Anna Bracewell-Worrall.

1:25pm - Wellington teachers call it their 'winter of discontent'

Teachers strike around New Zealand

12:40pm - Teachers hold Chris Hipkins accountable for the strike

Thousands of disgruntled teachers have taken to the streets in Auckland, calling for better conditions from the Ministry of Education.

"I shouldn't need a sugar daddy to afford to live in Auckland," one person's sign reads.

Teachers strike around New Zealand

Some are carrying signs holding Education Minister Chris Hipkins accountable for the strike.

Teachers strike around New Zealand

12:20pm - Even dogs show support

Even dogs have come out in support of the teachers' strike.

A photo taken at the Christchurch march shows an adorable dog with its owner.

A sign reads: "Don't let education go to the dogs", while the dog itself carries a sign saying "throw them a bone".

Teachers strike around New Zealand

12:05pm - Pukekohe teachers thank supporters

Pukekohe teachers are thanking those who have shown their support on Wednesday for their strike.

"Yay Pukekohe! Thanks for all the Toots for Teachers!" Larissa Denton wrote on a local Facebook page.

"Thanks Pukekohe for your support this morning with awesome smiles, waves and toots. We appreciate it!" Donna Harper posted.

11:50am - Wellington teachers rally

Rallies backing the strike are spreading across the country. Thousands of teachers and their supporters are gathering in Wellington to raise awareness.

Teachers strike around New Zealand

11:40am - NZPTA says parental support for the strike is strong

The president of the NZPTA says parental support for the strike is strong as long as communication between schools and parents remains open.

Jen McLean told The AM Show on Wednesday the NZPTA, which supports school Parent Teacher Associations, had canvassed its members and found support from parents was overwhelmingly in favour of the striking teachers.

"People will be protesting with teachers today, people want to join in and support teachers," McLean told The AM Show.

11:25am - Hundreds start rallying around New Zealand

Hundreds of teachers have gathered for the Christchurch strike in Victoria Square, waving signs and banners.

"Teacher burnout is why we have this turnout!" one person's sign read.

Others called on Education Minister Chris Hipkins to "fund our future".


Teachers strike around New Zealand