Man draws massive green penis around 'dangerous' bump on SH16 in Auckland

A man has drawn a green penis shape on a state highway in protest over a 'dangerous' bump in the road.

Geoff Upson first complained in October last year about an "unmarked speed bump" on State Highway 16 north of Auckland, near Kaukapakapa.

He said his complaint to the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) was passed on to Fulton Hogan who he was told had the road maintenance contract for that section of road.

He said the speed limit on the road was lowered to 70km/h and then down to 50km/h after complaining.

But with no action to fix the bump, this week he decided to draw a penis around it and post a video highlighting the "dangerous" bump on Facebook.

"I've circled the problem to make it easier for the NZTA road safety team to find the damaged part of State Highway 16," he wrote with a video showing a green penis painted across the road.

"I stand behind my outrageous decisions and if anyone is upset with the nature of my art work I apologise [sic].

"My intentions are not to upset anyone I simply want these stupid office workers to get off their lazy arse and actually drive the state highways."

Upson claims when driving at approximately 110km/h it's "fast enough to lift my wheels off the ground", but he had heard of other vehicles and trailers having their wheels lift off the road at much slower speeds.

"One of the locals who lives there, she says quite often they will help motorists just after they have had incidents at that location."

Man draws massive green penis around 'dangerous' bump on SH16 in Auckland
Photo credit: Geoff Upson.

Complaining again to NZTA, he claims he was told the road was fine if he didn't exceed the speed limit. But an NZTA spokesperson strongly disputes Upson's description of that correspondence.

NZTA's Northland system manager Jacqui Hori-Hoult told Newshub the section of the road was under a temporary 50km/h speed limit for the safety of road users.

The bump near Omeru Reserve was also on their radar and work on the road would happen next week.

"The bump in the road has been identified and is being monitored by our contractors," said Hori-Hoult.

"We have a programme of work to carry out a levelling of the road next week, weather permitting."

Work on safety improvements on other sections of the road will also take place this year.

She said their team was always on state highways to address safety or hazard concerns.

Upson is a serial penis painter, having drawn pictures around potholes on Kahikatea Flat Rd which were eventually fixed.


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