Meet the woman on a mission to save abandoned chickens

Armed with a net and a whole lot of determination, Amanda Gill's a woman on a mission.

The mother-of-three started the North Canterbury Chicken Rescue in November 2017 - catching abandoned chickens all over Canterbury.

Eighteen months on, it's become a full time job for her and friend Larissa Duff.

"This week we've already rescued 45 - just since Sunday alone," Gill told Newshub on Thursday.

This is a normal morning routine - dropping the kids at school, and then it's chicken hunting time.

It's not easy work - through gorse, over fences - and wherever else the chickens may run.

Gill said these chickens they'd been called to collect at Spencer Park, on the outskirts of Christchurch, would have been someone's pet  - but they'd been dumped.

While some prove a little elusive, once they're all caught, it's home to Gill's West Eyreton lifestyle block for a full health check. There's about 100 rescued chickens there.

Duff said it felt good rescuing the birds.

"It's a good feeling when you get them back here, and give them treatments that they need, and see that they're getting well looked after," she said.

All in a day's work for a pair of Canterbury women - the unsung heroes for unwanted chickens.