Mother of boy attacked outside South Auckland school says the violence is getting out of hand

The head boy of a South Auckland College was among three students attacked by a group of men near their school.

The boy's mother spoke exclusively to Newshub and says violence in the area is getting out of hand and has to stop. 

Police were outside Tangaroa College on Friday, putting anxious parents at ease after three students were attacked nearby after school yesterday.

Stacey is the mother of one of those boys, 17-year-old Ngapipi 

"It's quite devastating when you get a phone call like that you don't expect your children to go to school and then have to deal with that," she told Newshub.

Stacey says her boy pulled his car over on Dawson Road to say hi to two friends he'd spotted

That's when all hell broke loose - without warning a baseball bat smashed through his windscreen. 

"So he heard the crash straight on the windscreen and that's when he looked up and went oh my gosh what the hell is happening."

"Then everything just went all bizarre and they were just everywhere and reckons there was just people everywhere swarming the car" she said.

Stacey says the man who smashed her son's car windscreen was part of a group who beat up her son's friends. 

"And his first instinct was to just go and his friend had taken off down the road and he just drove off down the road and picked one friend and went straight back to the school"

The other friend also managed to escape. Both of Ngapipi's friends were badly bruised and treated in hospital. 

Ngapipi is fluent in Te Reo Maori, is head boy at the college and aspires to be a doctor. 

His mum says every child, no matter where live, deserves to be safe.

"We need to come together and stop this stuff from happening. It's becoming acceptable and it shouldn't be"

Tangaroa College Principal Davida Suasua wanted to make it clear no one was stabbed and the incident was not related to recent gang violence in the area.

Suasua said those injured are recovering well and support is being offered to any students who need it.

Stacey says youth programmes and community patrols would help. 

Police are still searching for the attackers.