Police investigating Reddit post calling for Asian 'extinction'

Police are investigating after a Reddit user called for the "extinction" of Asians and claimed they were based out of a University of Auckland hall.

On Friday, a user posted on Reddit calling for "the great take back" of New Zealand, which the user said was "under threat" from Asians.

The user, who uses several racist terms to describe Asians, went on to say "the only option is their extinction, to get our land, food, money, resources and people back".

They also say their "base" is the University of Auckland's O'Rorke hall, but a university spokesperson told Newshub there was no evidence of where the post originated from.

"We are growing stronger everyday," the Reddit user says, before ending their post with "makenzwhiteagain", "#thegreattakebackNZ", and "#killout".

The comments were posted to the site forum "r/universityofauckland", but the spokesperson stressed it was not an official university forum. The post has since been removed, they said.

The spokesperson told Newshub "anonymous hate speech" was condemned by the university, but there was no suggestion that there was a threat to students.

"There is no suggestion that a recent anti-Asian post on a public site (since removed) suggests a threat to any of our students."

There has also been a report of police patrolling the O'Rourke Hall since the post was made, but police told Newshub their presence at the University was "not in relation to this."

"I'm advised it would have been routine reassurance patrolling around places of worship, ongoing in many places since March," a police spokesperson said.

The university's security team was also aware of the post and had been in touch with police, who confirmed to Newshub that they were inquiring.

The Auckland University Students Association (AUSA) said it was deeply concerned about the "white supremacist and racist threats" "purporting to be from students based in one of our Halls of Residence".

Police investigating Reddit post calling for Asian 'extinction'
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Allegations at the university

Since the Christchurch terror attack there have been several claims by students of increased white supremacist activity on campus.

In April, a university spokesperson told Newshub there would be "an increased awareness of racism and offensive behaviour" following the attacks, but authorities hadn't seen any increase in suspicious or offensive activity on campus.

The university's vice-chancellor Stuart McCutcheon also called the allegations of increased activity "utter nonsense" in April, but in an email to the AUSA last week admitted some members of the community did not feel safe.

"We have made some great strides recently with the updating of the policy and other initiatives," a screenshot of the email posted to the AUSA's Facebook page said.

"However, we acknowledge that there are members of the University community who do not feel that it is yet a safe, inclusive, and equitable environment."

That email was in response to a report released by AUSA on experiences of bullying, harassment, and discrimination at the university.

It called on the university to establish a working group "on the Prevention of and Response to Discrimination at the University of Auckland" and "to affirm zero tolerance towards disriminatory actions".

On Saturday, the university spokesperson said the university had a comprehensive programme to "support our stance of no tolerance for bullying or harassment of any sort, including racism."

"Communication of this policy has increased since the March mosque terrorist attack, and the University is working with the AUSA to ensure students as well as staff understand expectations and also how to respond if bullying, harassment or discrimination are experienced or witnessed."