School Strike 4 Climate participants planning 'lie-in' on Queen St

Striking school students are planning to force the closure of Auckland's Queen St.

Western Springs students are performing an initial lie-in at school on Thursday, before hitting the CBD during the second nationwide School Strike 4 Climate on Friday. The first was held on March 15.

"A 'lie-in' is a form of protest where participants pretend to be asleep to represent the need to 'wake up' about an issue," Western Springs College student Luke Wijohn said in a statement.

"Humanity is facing the sixth extinction event, and adults are asleep at the wheel. We love our planet far more than we hate detention, so we're striking for a better future for everyone."

Wijohn wants the Government to declare a climate emergency.

Auckland Transport said in case of any blockage on Queen St, it would follow the instructions of the police. A police spokesperson told Newshub they could not give precise details of their plans.

"Police are aware of this event. We will be present to ensure the safety of those taking part as well as the safety of members of the public.

"For operational reasons we are not able to discuss any specifics around the deployment of staff."

Meanwhile Michael Williams, Pakuranga College principal and president of the Secondary Principals Association, says protesting students need to understand striking is serious business.

Students from his school will be given an unjustified absence if they don't show up on Friday.

"I've told the students, 'Tes you'll be marked absent, I'll call it an unjustified absence,' and the reason for around that is a little bit of trying to make them understand a strike is a very serious thing.

"It's you saying that, 'I've got a real deep personal conviction for this thing, and I'm going to make a personal sacrifice for it and I will do this.'"

Williams said students need to focus on practicality.

"Don't just point at the politicians and say fix it - think about what exactly do you want them to address."

School Strike 4 Climate organisers said they have specific demands for the Government about the Zero Climate Bill.

They want it to include a target of a 47 percent reduction of methane by 2050,  a mechanism to make targets legally enforceable and a requirement for the Government to create a plan for implementation.

Organisers have also called for the Government to declare a climate emergency, make a plan to get to carbon zero by 2040 and end all new exploration and extraction of fossil fuels.

Williams said he thinks students should look at what they can do for the climate.

"Every person has an impact every day... think about what is your contribution to the problem and you need to change personally."