Shane Jones saves woman from alleged domestic violence incident

Shane Jones has helped save a woman from an alleged brutal domestic assault.

Jones and his wife Dot were driving home in Wellington on Saturday when they noticed the violent incident occurring in the car behind them.

"My wife looked in the side-vision mirror and saw that something was seriously wrong and we got out and intervened," Jones told Stuff.

When they approached the vehicle they saw a man yelling and assaulting the woman, who had visible injuries on her neck. The alleged victim was begging to be allowed to escape but was being restrained, Jones says.

"She [the victim] was in a completely out-of-it state and highly emotionally distraught," he told Stuff.

They managed to get the woman out of the car and police were notified.

The alleged incident came just a day before the Government announced a $320 million investment in family and sexual violence and support services, including $47.8 million over four years to prevent family violence and sexual violence and $84.3 million to provide safe, consistent and effective responses to family violence in every community.

"There has never before been investment of this scale in preventing and responding to family violence and sexual violence," Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said on Sunday.

"Every year about one million New Zealanders are affected by family and sexual violence, including almost 300,000 children. This is something I know New Zealand is ashamed of and the Government is taking a major step forward in fixing in the Budget."

Thirteen women and 10 men are killed each year in domestic and partner violence incidents on average, according to Statistics NZ. About 40 percent of police time is spent responding to family violence cases.

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