Shotgun shells left on the ground after attack on Mt Eden barber shop

A window filled with bullet holes, and shotgun casings on the ground.
Some of the damage. Photo credit: Supplied/Anonymous

An Auckland barber shop has apparently been shot at overnight, with photos from the scene showing bullet holes in the window and shotgun shells littering the road.

A neighbour of Medusa's Groom Room, which is on the corner of Mt Eden Rd and Shackleton Rd, told Newshub they heard what sounded like firecrackers on Thursday night, but didn't see anyone when they went outside to investigate.

Bullet holes in the window of the barber shop.
Bullet holes on the window. Photo credit: Supplied/Anonymous

But in the daylight damage to the shop was clear.

Photos from the scene show the blue spent shells on the ground and huge holes through the building's window that bears its logo.

A building with bullet holes on the side and shotgun shells on the floor in front.
The shop. Photo credit: Supplied/Anonymous

Neighbours say it has faced problems with vandalism in the past.

"Every time the owner re-paints it, a few days later a bucket of paint is thrown all over the place (as seen on footpath still), clearly retaliation of some sort," the neighbour said.

A police spokesperson told Newshub reports of the damage first came in on Friday morning.  They said further details would be available soon.