Two drivers will drive every public road in New Zealand as Google Streetview upgraded to HD

Two drivers are about to set out on a mission to drive every single public road in New Zealand taking pictures. 

Not just any pictures though - their cars are kitted out with the new high definition cameras to update Google Streetview. 

Bryan White oversees Google's Streetview.  He's based in Switzerland but originally from Ashburton. 

He says it's great to be back.

"I have got to go to some interesting places and it's great being back in New Zealand to set up these new streetview cars we've got here,"

The cameras on the new cars are a major upgrade from what was used eight years ago.

Now the focus sharpens on New Zealand - the whole country is about to be remapped and recaptured on camera. 

"It should look really nice and clean, you'll be able to see your house in great definition," said White.

Or perhaps a house you're looking to buy.

"The high definition now will be able to show historical information so people will get a sense of how that property has changed over time in detail as well," said Real Estate Institute of New Zealand's Bindi Norwell.

The privacy settings for the new cameras stay the same - so faces and licence plates are blurred. 

But it will pick up the names of new shops and restaurants to add to Google maps. 

As for what goes on in here there is some super advanced tech which is commercially sensitive because there are other companies that map too

The Google drivers monitor the cameras but they're the only ones allowed to see. 

Look out for them first in Otago and Westland where they start their journey of every public road nationwide. 

In this case, what goes on tour does not stay on tour. Every detail will be uploaded to view in a few months' time.