Video claims Oranga Tamariki caregiver dropped child at gang house to scare him

Oranga Tamariki is investigating, after a video posted to social media alleges a child was dropped off by his caregiver at a gang house to scare him into behaving.

The video, posted by a man to his Facebook page, claims an Oranga Tamariki worker dropped the child off at the house to scare him.

The boy confirmed his caregiver had left him there, saying she had threatened to send him to the house if he kept being "cheeky."

"Then she ended up turning around and taking me to the pad," he said.

The older man said he was not a patched member, although he was at the house and expressed his anger at the alleged abandonment of the boy.

"I understand he's made mistakes in his life but he's a young fella," the man tells the camera.

"It's not his f***ing fault."

Oranga Tamariki's deputy chief executive Alison McDonald said she could not confirm the event as the organisation works to establish the facts.

However McDonald says she is "very concerned".

"We are very concerned that this video identifies the boy, and mentions various names and locations openly in the recording," she said in a statement to Newshub on Friday.

According to McDonald the man has removed the video from his Facebook profile and offered an apology. 

She says Oranga Tamariki is supporting the boy as much as possible in the wake of the event.

"We are working to wrap as much support as possible around him and his whanau due to the attention that this is gaining on social media."

Before the video was deleted, it had gained over 10,000 views.