Warning to Auckland parents after children touched on way to school

A suburban street.
Trafalgar St headed towards Manukau Rd. Photo credit: Google Maps

Police are investigating an indecent assault on a school student walking to school on Monday.

Onehunga Primary School sent home a note to students on Monday saying a neighbouring school's student was attacked on the walk to school.

"On the way to school today a student of one of our neighbouring schools was indecently touched by a stranger. She was on Trafalgar St and headed to Manukau Rd," the note said.

"We advise all families to speak with their children about staying safe on the way to and from school."

Another incident in west Auckland has been reported to police.

A student at Green Bay High School was reportedly grabbed by a man in a car on Godley Rd, Titirangi.

One person described the incident on a community Facebook page.

"We think his intent was to grab her and put her in his car, but this was averted by my wife coincidentally arriving by car at the scene at just the right moment to avert that outcome," the post read.

Detective Senior Sergeant Geoff Baber told Newshub police are involved and speaking to somebody about the Onehunga incident, but they could not confirm any details about the Titirangi incident.

"Police made a number of enquiries in relation to this [Onehunga] incident and are speaking to a person in relation to this matter.

"At this time no charges have been filed. Support has been provided to the victim of the assault."

The student involved was reportedly a student of Royal Oak Primary School.

Onehunga Primary School has issued advice to young people to walk in areas where other people are present, bring a buddy and avoid distractions like music or texting

It also said people should cross the road or ask for help if they think they are being followed, ignore strangers offering treats and yell "go away" loudly if grabbed.

"Always remember to tell an adult you trust as soon as possible so that the police can be notified - if you are able to yourself, call police on 111.

"Remember that police will need a description of the person, so as soon as possible write this down - if you can remember it, a vehicle number plate is very helpful - write this down as soon as possible. Don't worry if you can't get it all right, any part of it is very helpful for the police."


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