Watch: Bus driver caught leaving elderly Wellington man in the cold

A video posted to social media has shown a Wellington bus driver ignore an elderly man waving out for a ride.

The footage, originally posted to public Facebook group Vic Deals, shows the Metlink Wellington bus pull up to the stop and let a woman off. 

The elderly man can be seen racing towards the bus, waving his arms around, and reaches the bus stop long before it starts to pull away.

Yu Ruan caught the incident on his dashcam, and told Newshub about the incident.

"I saw he was walking towards the direction that the bus had gone, so I drove towards him and asked if he needed a ride," Yu said.

He told Newshub the elderly man seemed calm, but had a walking stick and was moving slowly.

"Once he got into the car, he told me it was difficult for him to explain what his address was, but his house was somewhere close," Yu recounted.

"I dropped him off at St Albans Ave and asked if he was sure that's where his house was."

Yu said the elderly man still seemed confused after dropping him off, and wondered if he had forgotten where he lived.

"I called the police to report where the man was and why I picked him up. I wanted to make sure the elderly man was safe so I asked them to go double-check on him," Yu said.

Users commented there had been reports on other Facebook pages of an elderly man knocking on doors in the area Yu had dropped him.

Police confirmed to Newshub that they had located the elderly man and dropped him home safely.

Facebook users were outraged at the bus driver's lack of acknowledgment of the elderly man, with many saying this was a common occurrence when dealing with the Wellington bus service.

"I've had buses completely ignore me and other in broad daylight in Karori in recent months too," one user wrote.

"I'm sick of myself and others having to make this same complaint over and over about buses driving off and leaving people who wanted to get on behind."

Another user commented on the bus driver not bothering to pull into the bus stop properly.

"It's not even the fact the driver drove off that's making me disappointed in the system; the driver couldn't even be assed to actually pull into the park properly to let that person off," they wrote.

Metlink told Newshub there has not been any formal complaint made.