Watch: 'Intense' video of 'drunk' driver swerving across lanes near Hamilton

Terrifying footage of a drunk driver swerving across lanes has been posted online.

The video, shot by Hamilton man Jor'el McQueen, shows the car drifting across the median lane into on-coming traffic.

As the man filming blasts his horn to get the driver's attention, the car swerves back into its own lane and then over to the other side, almost hitting the cones on the left-hand side of the road.

After another blast on the horn, and the drunk driver suddenly speeds away almost out of sight.

"She sped past me in a 110kmhr zone, she would've been going around 150kmhr, easy," McQueen told Newshub.

McQueen said the driver, described as a woman in her late 40s or early 50s, crossed the centre line at least 10 times over the 15 minutes he spent following her.

"She almost hit the barriers on both sides, she had an angel with her, it was crazy, I was waiting for her to crash so I kept my distance."

He says he followed the woman from near Cambridge to Hamilton and even managed to plead with her to stop driving during that time.

"So there was a point where she did pull over and I pulled up beside her and I said 'please pull over, you're drunk, you can't drive'.

"And she had her sunglasses on the whole time! She just sped off after that."

McQueen's next action was to call police who told him to follow her so they could identify and apprehend her.

"Five minutes later she was pulled over and blew 400 on a breathalyzer!" McQueen posted on Facebook.

"F***s  me off that there's people like this on the same roads as us and our babies!"

Police told Newshub they were aware of a driver being reported driving erratically but couldn't provide further information or if any arrest was made.