Waverley crash left seven dead - inquest finds driver was high on synthetic cannabis

An inquest into a horrific two-car crash that left seven people dead found the driver repeatedly consumed synthetic cannabis throughout the day.

The only survivor of the crash says she doesn't remember the collision that killed her two young daughters and her partner because she was "synnied out."

A coroner's hearing into the devastating crash in June last year was held on Friday in Whanganui.

On June 27 2018, seven people were killed when Jeremy Thompson's car drifted over the centerline outside the Taranaki town of Waverly.

Ian Porteous, 80, his 76-year-old wife Rosalie, his 84-year-old sister Ora Keene and friend, 79-year-old Brenda Williams all died at the scene.

Driver Jeremy Thompson was also killed. The sole survivor, Ani Nohinohi lost her two children Nivek Madams, 8 and 6-month-old Shady Thompson.

Detective Karl Reyland, the officer in charge of the case, said Thompson had smoked over three cones of synthetic cannabis before the fatal crash.

Thompson was on his learner's license, and had over 100 demerit points.

Nohinohi admitted via a statement read by Reyland, she had also consumed synthetic cannabis that day.

She said she did not remember anything after stopping in Hawera to buy more drugs.

"I think it's quite likely I fell asleep because I had been synnied out," said Nohinohi's statement.

Nohinohi could not confirm if she or her daughter Nivek were wearing seatbelts.

She confirmed she knew her partner had smoked synthetics, but that she was "wasted" herself, and thought he would be okay to drive while high, as he had done it before.

Nohinohi said apologised to the people who have been hurt.

"I am very sorry about the tragic outcome for so many families and friends as a tresult of the accident. Because of some poor choices seven people lost their lives. I am sorry for all who are suffering."



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