Weather: 'Rain-maker' set to blast New Zealand with downpours, strong winds

New Zealanders should prepare for more fog and flight delays next week as high pressure dominates the country.

But after the high comes the low, with Weather Watch warning a large "rain-maker" could tear across New Zealand next weekend.

"Some long range data does suggest a large Tasman Sea low may affect New Zealand perhaps next weekend (not this weekend) as certainly energy is building to out west over the coming week for a low and rain-maker to grow," the weather forecaster says.

Forecasting maps show this will likely hit the entire country on Sunday May 12, bringing with it long periods of rain and strong winds.

The potential rainmaker will be then be followed by a cooler southerly ahead of the next high pressure system.

Before then, though, Weather Watch says New Zealand can expect more fog next week - possibly leading to further flight delays as a result.

"The mild airflow, coupled with light winds thanks to high pressure and longer nights means more foggy areas are also expected through inland areas over the next several days, especially over the North Island," it says.

"More flight delays are possible. Please check with airlines and airport websites the day of travel and our latest forecasts.

"Be prepared for possible 'sudden fog' which can roll in or develop fairly quickly without warning, and may impact travel conditions for motorists, ferries and flights."


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