Weather: 'Rain-maker', 'weather events' set to smite New Zealand

The fast-moving "rain-maker" heading towards New Zealand brings "heavy rain potential" for the country.

This week is expected to be mostly dry due to high pressure off our east coast, although the West Coast will be brushed with a few showers. But heading towards us next weekend is a large low.

Weather Watch forecaster Philip Duncan says the rain clouds are lining up to hit on Sunday.

"This weekend we might be getting a 'rain-maker' with heavy rain possible," Duncan warns.

"At this stage it looks like there'll be some heavy rain moving into both islands coming up this Sunday."

NIWA says it's watching the potential for a "series of weather events" between the 11th and 14th. Meteorologist Ben Noll told Newshub the low is going to cause some "active weather".

"It's going to deliver a pretty impressive cold snap to Australia before reaching us later this week," he told Newshub.

"We're could be in for some wind and rain. It could impact travel."

Weather Watch says the blast of rain may be heavy enough to prompt rain warnings in both islands.

"Generally speaking this next burst of rain (this weekend) will be more focused on western and northern regions," it says.

"Depending on rainfall totals this Sunday some northern parts of the North Island may also, once again, miss out on soaking rains.

"But this Sunday isn't yet locked in - some modelling indicates heavy rain potential in both islands."

Fortunately, Noll told Newshub it's a "fast mover" and is predicted to only impact New Zealand for several hours, instead of lingering for days.


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