'Who the f**k steals a hut': Shelter hut stolen from West Coast Wilderness Trail

The Kawhaka shelter was stolen from the cycle trail.
The Kawhaka shelter was stolen from the cycle trail. Photo credit: Facebook/West Coast Wilderness Trail

West Coast locals have been left furious after a hut was bizarrely stolen from its 133 kilometre cycle trail.

The West Coast Wilderness Trail said in a Facebook post its Kawhaka shelter had been stolen, and removed from its site.

It was believed to have been stolen overnight Wednesday.

"This required a mammoth to cut and somehow remove the structure," the post says.

Locals have been left furious and vented their frustrations on the post.

"Just no respect for people or property anymore," one said.

"Who the f**k steals a hut," another wrote.

Another questioned why anyone would bother to steal something so big.

"Must have been at least four [people] to lift that."

The post says the incident has been reported and Newshub has contacted police for comment.

"We are appealing to everyone, please can you help us find who has done this," the post says.