Anguish after mother suffers catastrophic bleeding during labour

It should have been the happiest day ever for Kiwi couple Lydia and Christian after she gave birth to Bastian just over two weeks ago.

However during Lydia's labour, she suffered catastrophic bleeding which caused brain damage and resulted in her being put in an induced coma.

She's still in the hospital, while her husband, Christian, looks after Bastian without her.

Bastian's uncle, Mikey Brenndorfer, says it's been an exhausting period.

"Looking after a newborn baby on your own is tough, and when you add that to also watching your lover in a horrific state is tough," he told The Project on Friday.

"This has been two-and-a-half weeks of not only looking after a newborn baby but also constantly being at the hospital, having the rollercoaster ride of good news and bad news and horrible news.

"I think he's been doing amazingly well, he's been showing so much love to that baby Bastian that I'm in awe."

The family is getting support from the community, and are getting breast milk for Bastian from Mothers Milk NZ.

Mothers Milk NZ is one of a few charities around the country that coordinate breast milk donations from nursing mums so families like Christian and Lydia's can receive it.

"Because he needs full donor support, he's going to need between 12 to 15 donors," says Mothers Milk NZ founder Emma Ryburn-Phengsavath.

Brenndorfer says that they are "super grateful" for the help they are receiving.

"One of the greatest tragedies when I think about this whole scenario is that my brother Christian is doing this amazing job as a father," he says.

"I wish Lydia could see how great he is at caring for their son."