Animal rescue shelter pleads for people to adopt nearly 80 puppies

An Auckland rescue shelter has issued a desperate plea for people to come forward and adopt 78 abandoned puppies.

Janine Hinton, co-founder of the Saving Hope Foundation, says it's also expected two of the dogs will give birth soon.

"It's just horrendous that people would abandon these little pups," she told Stuff. "They've done nothing wrong.

"We need more fosters, we need people to put their hand up and give these beautiful animals permanent homes."

The Dairy Flat shelter, which takes in stray animals, gets them into foster homes before putting them up for adoption when they're ready.

Animal cruelty in New Zealand needed to stop, Hinton told Stuff.

"It does my head in that we have so many puppies come in, in such a poor condition, that we can do better by," she said.

"We need toys, treats, high-potent puppy food, funds to be able to desex, vaccinate and microchip - we need all the help we can get."

Unwanted dogs turn up to Saving Hope from all around the North Island, even as far south as Hastings and Taranaki. Between July 2017 and April 2019, the shelter had rehomed 371 puppies and dogs.


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