Bigger fines, more speed cameras could be on the way for NZ roads

Bigger speeding fines and more speed cameras could be on the way.

The Government is taking advice on road safety, and one suggestion is to follow the Swedish example.

Sweden's expected to have 3000 speed cameras in a few years. In comparison, New Zealand has just 56.

Other differences include speed cameras in New Zealand being clearly signposted, while the top speed there is 120kmh.

The fines are also very different, with the top fine being NZ$320. 

The Automobile Association (AA) says it would be an improvement, but other groups say it would just be revenue gathering.

"A wide net of speed cameras enforcing significantly cut speed limits will result in a huge number of Kiwis swept up in the net of fines," New Zealand Taxpayers' Union spokesman Louis Houlbrooke said.

"Under these proposals we could see someone driving $320 for driving 40 kilometres through town. That's cruel."