Garage destroyed as explosive Rotorua mud pool grows

The explosive mud pool behind a Whakarewarewa property in Rotorua has grown even larger, leading to the destruction of a garage.

The violent pit erupted on a faultline in a residential backyard in the early hours of Tuesday morning, jetting steam and throwing scalding mud into the air.

Since then it's only grown larger. A nearby shed has now become a casualty, demolished as a precaution in case it slips into the pit.

The latest shot of the mud pool.
The latest shot of the mud pool. Photo credit: Martin Cowan / Supplied

The mud pool is also threatening the house at the top of the bank. The occupants of the house have moved out and the council is in contact with the property owner to support them through their safety requirements.

Rotorua Lakes Council is warning people to keep their distance from the pool and the house.

"Please remember to stay well clear of the cordons as the ground is becoming increasingly unstable. If you want to view the mud pool please do so from behind the barriers on Tryon St," it says on Facebook.

GNS Science says the mud spurting out of the cavity will be at a temperature of up to 90 degrees.

GNS volcanologist Brad Scott said the location has had several similar events over the past two decades.

"The cliff along the eastern side heats up, trees and bush die off and after a few weeks to a month it cools off," he told Newshub.

"There is a house on the property and it is usually affected by the increased activity on the site."

The council and GNS continue to monitor the situation.