High weather system 'larger than Australia' to slam New Zealand with cold air

An enormous weather system building over Australia is forecast to drive freezing air towards New Zealand this weekend and will linger for the week.

Described by Weatherwatch as "larger than Australia", the high pressure system will be positioned just west of Tasmania this weekend, forcing a chilly air our way.

This is because the high will be surrounded by an anticyclonic wind flow which overlaps New Zealand. It will pull cool air from down in the Antarctic region up and over New Zealand this weekend, likely putting a shiver down Kiwis' spines.

The chill will gradually be felt on Saturday as it drives up the South Island before spreading nationwide on Sunday and throughout next week. Temperature drops and frosts should be expected.

The massive weather system will likely slide towards northern New Zealander in nine or ten days.

In the meantime, Kiwis can expect a warmer night on Thursday than the previous two chilly evenings. Rain will also strike over the next few days, mainly on the West Coast and eventually in northern regions.