'Incredible human': Kiwi Cam Calkoen defeats Mt Kilimanjaro with cerebral palsy

When it comes to knocking off mountains, little old New Zealand has done pretty well for itself.

And the feat achieved by our next guest would no doubt have made Sir Ed extremely proud.

At 6000 metres, Mt Kilimanjaro is known as the 'Roof of Africa' for good reason.

When you're facing sub-zero temperatures, altitude sickness and sleep deprivation, it's one serious climb.

The reasons to turn back along the way seem endless, but for Cam Calkoen, being born with cerebral palsy was never one of them.

"So many people were going up Mt Eden, I had to find something a bit quieter," he told The Project. 

"On day three, you're starting to get a headache, your altitude sickness is kicking in so for six hours you're just vomiting every 200m, I'm a skinny guy anyway but I lost it all." 

With his mate by his side, Hamish Gordon, help wasn't far away. 

He said his mate is an "incredible human" and was stoked to share the experience with Calkoen. 

Watch the video for the full interview.