Leaked Corrections report shows police helped Paul Russell Wilson

A leaked Corrections report shows police helped Paul Russell Wilson after he claimed he was a victim of stalking before he killed Nicole Tuxford.

Newshub has obtained an internal report by Corrections that shows Police and Probation officers actually treated Wilson as a victim, after an incident Tuxford's family say should have been a red flag.

Wilson was a murderer on parole after stalking, raping, torturing and slitting the throat of his ex-girlfriend Kimberley Schroder back in 1994.

This internal report on the way he was managed while out on parole shows he was involved in a "family violence" incident with a woman he'd been in a relationship with.

However it shows authorities believed Wilson's claims the woman was "stalking him" and "police issued a trespass order on the woman".

Nothing happened to Wilson. He stayed free - to stalk and kill Nicole Tuxford.

An internal report from Corrections reveals: "His level of risk fluctuated between medium and high" the entire time he was free.

Cherie Gillatt is Nicole Tuxford's mother, and it angers her that this report shows he was "considered a victim" of stalking by both Corrections and Police.

"That's a bloody joke. He's worried about a woman stalking him. Yet he was stalking women himself and he killed one in the process," Cherie told Newshub.

The report shows:

  • "It was determined that he was being harassed by a woman."
  • "He had formed a brief relationship with a woman he met at a pub who began to harass and stalk him."
  • "His account of events was confirmed by police who issued a trespass order on the woman - this resolved the issue."

"It's all about him," Gillatt says.

But she says alarm bells should have been ringing. He was a known obsessive and a break-up was what led to his first murder, his ex-girlfriend Kimberley Schroder.

"There are so many red flags that were there - they kept on missing them."

The report shows there were three missed chances that could have put Wison back in prison.

They were:

  • "Significant consideration was given to recalling" him in 2016 because of the "volatile relationship" in which he claimed he was being stalked.
  • In 2017, following two car accidents.
  • And again in late 2017 due to "concerns about an escalation in risk".

There was another missed chance in April last year at a police checkpoint. Wilson revealed he had knives in his car, he was drunk, and officers knew he was on parole for murder with a knife.

But despite all this, they let him go.

Early the next morning he killed Nicole Tuxford.

Yet the report, done after her killing, concludes:

"All of the expected practice standards have been met."

"Your whole system is wrong. The Police, Corrections, the Parole. You're all wrong," Gillatt says.

Police told Newshub in a statement they corrected the error: "[Wilson's] Probation Officer was made aware of the event two days later and immediately reported it to Police.

"After a thorough investigation it was found that Tainui was the victim and a trespass order was issued against the other party."

Corrections said undue risk was constantly being considered while Wilson was being managed on life parole.

"To meet the grounds for recall, undue risk must be specific. While undue risk was being considered in this situation, no application for recall was made as the likelihood of further offending could not be demonstrated."