Lower Hutt sex store owner accuses 'blue-haired hags' of targeting shop

Peaches and Cream owner Ang Whitehead has shared her frustration on social media after her Hutt Valley sex shop appeared to have been targeted by shoplifters.

Whitehead shared images and footage of two women, who Whitehead was told are mother and daughter.

Whitehead alleges the pair took flavoured lubricant and key ring that reads "ring for a blow job".

Whitehead added the lubricant was bubblegum flavoured, matching the womens' blue hair.

"We would like to trespass both women so they can go elsewhere for their mother-daughter shoplifting sessions," Whitehead wrote.

Whitehead has had a "flood of messages" since posting on Thursday evening, with people confirming that the "blue-haired hags" are mother and daughter.

Newshub asked Whitehead if it was unusual for a mother and daughter to be seen shopping together in her store.

Ang Whitehead has been told the pair are mother and daughter.
Ang Whitehead has been told the pair are mother and daughter. Photo credit: Ang Whitehead

"Nothing is unusual in our store," Whitehead said.

"We do have mums and daughters occasionally, but usually hens party shopping."

Facebook users have been baffled by the two blue haired women, calling the pair "naive".

"They must be very naive to think they can get away with thieving from businesses. Most shops these days have security cameras to catch shoplifters in the act," one user wrote.

Other users drew parallels to pair's matching hair colour.

"They must want to share the lube like their hair dye," a user wrote.

The male buttplug bandits who made an appearance in Whitehead's store in April have been arrested.