Nicole Tuxford and Kimberly Schroder's mothers blast justice system's handling of Paul Russell Wilson

The mothers of Paul Russell Wilson's two victims have written a heartfelt letter to the Prime Minister asking her to order an independent enquiry into failures of the justice system. 

Wilson murdered Nicole Tuxford last year, after being released on parole for the murder of Kimberley Schroder in 1994. 

Now the two mothers, Cherie Gillatt and Nancy Schroder, have made a desperate plea to Jacinda Ardern for help. 

They claim the failings of the justice system allowed Wilson to murder again. And they say there is a third victim, Kimberly's father Gary, who committed suicide just days after learning Wilson had murdered someone else's daughter.

Video released to Newshub shows precious memories of Nicole.

"Only a mother, can understand another mother - what he has taken," Cherie Gillat says. 

"If it was not for repeated failures by the justice system my Nicole would be alive today."

Nicole Tuxford
Nicole Tuxford Photo credit: Supplied

In the letter, she describes how Nicole was tortured, raped and had her throat cut by Wilson. 

When she says the Parole Board, Police and Corrections all could have stopped him, saying;

"It should never have happened. How do I live with knowing that?" Gillat says. 

"We need answers."

In the letter, Nancy Schroder writes of how her daughter Kimberly was also raped, tortured and had her throat cut by Wilson.

And how she and husband Gary pleaded with the Parole Board not to release him.

"As he would do this again to another victim in time - and we were not listened to."

Schroder describes the day that Police arrived to say Nicole Tuxford had been killed.

"Two days later overwhelmed at grief at yet another young girl's life and after having to live with our own living nightmare, my husband Gary took his own life."

And she tells the Prime Minister;

"There are no words any more, my life is destroyed. I live in solitude most of the time, overwhelmed with every emotion and memory imaginable from this last 25 years."

Nicole Tuxford and Kimberly Schroder's mothers blast justice system's handling of Paul Russell Wilson

The mother's letters follow a Newshub investigation showing at least five times when Wilson was on Parole that he could have been called back to prison.

These ranged from police being told he was offering women drugs in a bar and warned he seemed dangerous, to officers stopping him on his way to Nicole's house. 

Finding butcher's knives in his car and knowing he was a murderer and he was over the alcohol limit.

They let him continue in a taxi. It was the night he murdered Nicole.

"Jacinda, this case has transpired into a case of constant system failure," Schroder says. 

She's a parent, she's a daughter. 

Together, their request is simple  - an independent inquiry.

The Prime Minister sent a reply to Newshub saying: 

"This is an incredibly tragic case, and I know that everyone involved in it; police, corrections and the parole board have done soul searching as to how Nicole’s horrific murder could have been prevented.

Nicole Tuxford and Kimberly Schroder's mothers blast justice system's handling of Paul Russell Wilson
Photo credit: Newshub

"I also want to acknowledge the advocacy of Cherie Gillatt and Nancy Schroder, Nicole Tuxford and Kimberley Schroder’s mothers.

"Both these women have lost so much and understandably continue to question what more could have been done to avoid the senseless murder of their daughters.

"I’m told that the parole board commissioned an independent review of their actions. While that concluded they took an overall cautious approach to granting parole and proper process was followed, the head of the Parole Board, Sir Ron Young, has since said he disagreed with the report’s conclusion that there were no lessons to be learned.

"He has subsequently talked to the justice advisory group about extending the Parole Board's monitoring of serious criminals as a result of this case. I support that sort of thinking.

"I understand Corrections have undertaken an internal investigation and the findings have been shared with Nicole Tuxford’s family but have not been made public yet


"I am also told that the Independent Police Complaints Authority is currently investigating the actions of police.

"I think it’s best to allow the IPCA to conclude their investigation and release their findings before any decisions on further action is made."


Nicole Tuxford and Kimberly Schroder's mothers blast justice system's handling of Paul Russell Wilson

"No other mother should go through this. We want to try and make sure no other mother and their daughter have to suffer like this again," Gillat says.  

Nicole Tuxford, the lost daughter, who now has "two" mothers fighting for her.