On-air tension between The Project NZ hosts and Israel Folau supporter

An Israel Folau supporter has clashed with the hosts of The Project over his choice to donate to the ex-rugby star.

The tense exchange follows Folau having his GoFundMe page shut down for violating the popular crowdfunding website's terms of service. 

Folau had raised almost $NZ700,000 after issuing a plea for financial support for his legal battle with Rugby Australia (RA), after his contract was terminated for posting anti-gay messages to social media.



New Conservative Party leader Leighton Baker donated to his page before it was deleted. He told the Project his donation wasn't about money. 

"I think this whole thing really is about free speech and to see this one guy lose his whole career over posting on a private Facebook page is just unbelievable," he said. 

Folau posted comments via his Instagram account, which is not private, and via Twitter.

Baker said people should have the ability to express their views without being censored.

He said it wasn't fair that Folau lost his job over his comments. 

That didn't sit well with Patrick Gower, who stepped in asking Baker whether he believed gay people were going to go to hell?

However, Baker said that he didn't know because he's "not god".

"That's way outside my pay scale, and I don't actually think that's what this debate is about," he said. "I'm not god, I don't get to choose that."

Gower was quick to jump in again, forcing Baker to answer the question yes or no. 

But Baker wasn't committing. I don't get to choose that," he said. 

Baker said the "big issue" was whoever made it all about gay people. 

"He never focused on gay people, so why is all this attention on it?"

However, Nadine Higgins wasn't having any of that, arguing lying or fornicating was a choice, but being gay isn't. 

Baker responded by saying, "that may be the case, although we do all choose who we have sex with, so to some degree it is a choice who you have sex with".

This follows the story of an unemployed Australian mum-of-three who told news.com.au she plans to donate even more when the page is recreated. 

The 36-year-old, who hasn't been out in six months because she doesn't have the money, said her family described her $105 donation as "beyond stupid". 

"I'll be honest with you, I'm relieved the money came back but it's likely the campaign will be started again somewhere else and when it is, I will make the same donation. It feels crazy to say but I think I'll give more if I can," she said.

She plans to donate between $120 to $140 when the campaign begins again.

"It feels silly saying that because it's a lot and I don't have that money to send," she said.