Tasman named worst district for speeding infringements, Wellington the best

New figures show South Island motorists need to ease off the gas pedal.

Using police data, GPS company Teletrac Navman has revealed the Tasman District (Nelson Bays, the West Coast and Marlborough) is the top area for speeding infringements.

Tasman named worst district for speeding infringements, Wellington the best
Photo credit: Teletrac Navman

Teletrac Navman believes having large, wide open areas in the district means more opportunities to exceed the speed limit. The analysis found a speeding infringement level of 1.01 per person over four years in the Tasman District.

Aucklanders were also in a hurry - due to a "concentrated population" of people being matched by a "concentrated" population of police officers.

Wellington was revealed as the best in the country, at 0.34 infringements per person over four years. Teletrac Navman puts that down to more congestion on its roads.

The company says people speed because they've done it for so long without "adverse consequence".

"When that happens, you continue to do it," said solutions specialist Chris L'Ecluse.

"It's all about discipline - people are very ill-disciplined when we drive.

"Just ask yourself this - 'how do you justify exceeding the speed limit, or breaching any road rules? What do you do to yourself internally, when you know you're doing five [kmh] over the limit'?"

L'Ecluse, a former police officer in Western Australia, told The AM Show "large fires start from small fires".

"We as a society cannot continue to allow this to occur."

So far in 2019, 188 people have died on New Zealand roads.

Combined sum of infringements per capita (Jan 2015 - Dec 2019):

Tasman (1.01); Waitemata (0.82) Waikato (0.74); Eastern (0.66); Southern (0.65); Central (0.65); Auckland (0.59); Northland (0.58); Counties/Manukau (0.57); Canterbury (0.55); Bay of Plenty (0.45); Wellington (0.34).


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