'That's it?': Anger over sentence for Higgins road workers' deaths

There was anger and anguish in court today as the man whose careless driving caused the death of three Higgins road workers was sentenced.

David Cox hit a Higgins truck on State Highway Two on February 26, shunting it, and causing it to roll into a culvert where the men were working.

Dudley Sole Raroa, 55, David Reginald Te Wira Eparaima, 55 and Haki Graham Hiha, 40 were fatally injured in the accident.

Appearing in the Whakatāne District Court on Wednesday, Cox was sentenced to 250 hours of community work, ordered to pay $21,000 and disqualified from driving for 21 months.

However it wasn't enough for family members of the victims, who erupted as Cox was led out of court.

One questioned why he wasn't imprisoned, and called for the law to be changed.

"Does he get any time in jail?" one asked. "Three men. That's it? It doesn't seem worth much."


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