Wellington set to be a zero-carbon capital by 2050

Wellington has a plan to be carbon free city.
Wellington has a plan to be carbon free city. Photo credit: File.

Wellington City Council has announced its goal of becoming a zero-carbon city by 2050, a goal that has the support of Wellington's Chamber of Commerce.

Businesses in the capital are on board with reducing emissions and overall being kinder to the planet, says chief executive John Milford. 

The Carbon Zero Bill, currently before Parliament, presents the Government's emissions targets for the country. A zero carbon capital lines up with these goals.

Milford says that it is imperative that the council works closely with local businesses to meet the city's goals, although many businesses are already making an effort to reduce waste and single use plastics. Milford stresses that the council needs to support business initiatives.

"It will require the council to think strategically about the challenges facing the city. For example, achieving a densely compact and walkable city requires council leadership on building earthquake regulations and insurance concerns," says Milford.

"The pathway to zero carbon emissions requires economically sustainable decisions to encourage further investment and innovation."