When seeing is no longer believing: How Artificial Intelligence and videos could change the world

From CCTV used in court to TV news sting operations, even instant replay in sports, video has been the gold standard for the truth.

That is now over.

Once just a tool of Hollywood studios in 2019, cheap AI software now lets anyone steal anyone's face to make them say whatever they want.

It's not just movie stars and politicians. Experts say if your image is online, your identity can be held hostage by a digital puppet master.

Seeing is no longer believing.

The software is getting so good, now there are even Deepfake hunters, using AI to detect what's real, and what's not.

Of course, not all digital face swapping is evil - it's a go-to for online comedy, like the popular Nicholas Cage videos.

Or Kiwi comedian Tom Sainsbury parodying politicians.

But a laugh online is very different from making someone appear to say something they never said. 

And if you can change a leader's public image you could change the world.

So while security agencies and world leaders scramble to fight the fakes, there are questions about whether the next target could be the New Zealand election.

Watch the full interview above to see where we're heading.