White supremacist leaflets dropped in Tauranga letterboxes

Warning: This article contains content that may disturb some people.

A Tauranga resident is shocked after finding a white supremacist leaflet in his letterbox.

The one-page document was delivered to several houses on Sunday morning. It tells recipients they "have no need to 'sorry' because you are nature's finest".

"You have no need to feel guilty for the imagined sins of your forefathers," it reads. "White people awake - save the white race!"

It linked to a site promising free ebooks by the group's founder. Newshub has chosen not to name the group behind it.

Resident Jamie, who sent the pamphlet to Newshub, said it was disturbing.

"I was disgusted. It alarmed me. But then on further reflection, it didn't really surprise me given recent events and how they seem to have emboldened certain people."

white pamphlet
The pamphlet. Photo credit: Supplied

On March 15, an alleged white supremacist gunman shot 51 people dead at two mosques in Christchurch.

Jamie said it left him with a "creepy feeling" to know the racist was on his property.

Jamie said he's lived in Tauranga most of his life, but has never had anything like it left in his letterbox before.

"I've seen it online, I've experienced it on places like Facebook and Twitter... but in real life? No."

Anti-extremist organisations in the US have classified the group behind the pamphlet as a neo-Nazi hate group.

"It's disappointing really, just knowing that there are people in a place like New Zealand who think like this and want to spread their vileness and basically abuse our society and the freedoms in our society to do that."

The incident has been reported to police. Jamie hopes they don't ignore it.

"I felt from the response I had this morning... they took me seriously, and they were pretty disgusted by the contents of the leaflet."

Police said they'd like to hear from anyone else who received the pamphlet - call 105, or 111 if they see or hear anything suspicious.

Social media companies have promised to crack down on white supremacist and nationalist content since the Christchurch attacks.

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