Exclusive: Woman says Paul Russell Wilson boasted about murder, offered friends LSD

A woman who wishes to remain anonymous has spoken out about her clash with one of New Zealand's most evil killers.

"He got up, he's got eyes real big, so he was gonna go me," says the woman, who Newshub will refer to as Melissa.

She is talking about Paul Russell Wilson when he was free on parole in Christchurch.

In the lead-up to stalking, raping, torturing and cutting the throat of Nicole Tuxford, he would drink in pubs and bars like the Cashmere Club.

That is where she met him in 2015.

"He said how he killed his ex-girlfriend, and went kind of into detail... he was smiling," she says.

Melissa has come forward, after watching Newshub's investigation, to show how the day after they met she contacted Christchurch Police on Facebook, saying: "Last night I met a guy who said he had been in jail for years, he was boasting about killing his girlfriend."

"I was actually quite scared of him," Melissa says.

Wilson was on parole for murdering his 21-year-old ex-girlfriend Kimberley Schroder on the West Coast in 1994.

"He didn't regret it at all, he was quite happy he did it. And the only thing he regretted was not killing her partner," she says.

Melissa also told police: "He was trying to give my friends the drug acid... His name is Paul Wilson."

"I'm actually hoping I never see him again because he got slapped for how he was talking about the murder, he wasn't sorry and he was so angry at the girl he killed."

"He looked at me - I just turned around and went slap, I got him across here and he got pulled out of the pub."

Melissa told police Wilson offered she and her friends LSD, known as acid.

"He should still have the acid in his wallet, and I worry for whoever takes it with him.

"I wanted them to know that he had drugs in his wallet so he could hopefully get put back in jail."

Police got back to her three days later and said: "I will forward your information to our intel team."

"There's always someone at the end of the 111 phone."

Police were told of Paul Russell Wilson boasting about murdering Kimberley Schroder.
Police were told of Paul Russell Wilson boasting about murdering Kimberley Schroder. Photo credit: Supplied

That was it.

Newshub has now uncovered five potential missed warnings by Corrections and police that could have seen him recalled to prison. Adding to:

- A violent relationship break-up where police considered him the victim

- Two car accidents

- Behaviour deemed an "escalation in risk"

- Police stopping him at a checkpoint with two butcher's knives on his way to Nicole's house, hours before he murdered for the second time in April last year.

Nicole's family say she should still be alive today - that's why Melissa is speaking out.

"That's the only reason why I'm sharing the story of what happened that night."

Police confirm they received Melissa's messages and they were forwarded to an intelligence supervisor. 

However Police don't know what happened from there - they are working through archived communications.

What should have happened is that Wilson's probation officer at Correction was informed.

However, Corrections  say it was never contacted by Police.

"We’ve reviewed Paul Tainui Wilson’s file notes from 1 April 2015 to 30 July 2015 and can find no record of being advised of this incident."