Animal behaviourist Mark Vette reveals his most terrifying dog experience

Famed animal behaviourist Mark Vette revealed the most dangerous situation he's faced, and it is similar to an attack a Canterbury woman suffered recently.

Larissa Corboy and Mouse were mauled by a pack of five dogs late in June while out for a run on a public track in the rural Canterbury community of Loburn. 

Vette told The AM Show he had been in a similar situation himself once, faced with a pack of aggressive dogs.

"It was a situation that shouldn't have happened, someone let dogs through that weren't supposed to come through and they mixed."

Vette ended up underneath five dogs having a major fight, three of which were pit bulls.

"That's a frightening situation," he said.

Vette came out of the fight with a few injuries but said he was able to work out what to do intuitively because he's worked with dogs his whole life.

He said people need to be careful with attacking dogs, though, and avoid getting caught up in the fight.

"Of course as you do, you go and pull the other dogs off, the dogs' predisposition to redirect their aggression is quite high when they're in a packing situation.

"So be very careful when you've got a multi-dog situation in an attack, and it's bad enough just one dog but if you've got a multi-dog."

Vette wasn't put off dogs by the experience and continues to train dogs. One appeared with him on The AM Show and barely made a peep throughout the interview, sitting on Vette's lap the entire time.