Antonio Hall can be saved, despite blaze - expert

It's believed a heritage building in Christchurch damaged in an apparent arson attack can be salvaged.

Police have arrested one person in relation to the fire at Antonio Hall on Riccarton Rd on Friday night.

Christchurch Heritage Trust chair Anna Crighton says from the street, it appears only the left-hand side of the building is ruined.

"I suppose about a quarter of it has been damaged and the rest of it can be repaired, if it's so desired by the owner."

The accused will appear in the youth court this week.

Crighton says the building has been left to rot for years.

"Apparently the owner's owned it for over 20 years and not done much to it, so it's not hopeful. But he may sell it to somebody who would do something with it."

Several others have been interviewed by police in relation to the fire.

Crighton says CHristchurch has suffered enough, following the quakes and the March terror attack.

"It's vandalism at its worse... and totally pointless. The city seems to be having one disaster after another."

Riccarton Ward Councillor Vicki Buck said on Saturday the building has not been kept in good condition.

"It is a beautiful old building that certainly doesn't look like it's undergone major repairs since the earthquake, so it's a beautiful old building in need of repair."

No one was injured in the fire.