Are these quotes used by a Wellington cafe funny or offensive?

Are these quotes used by a Wellington cafe funny or offensive?

A Wellington cafe has drawn mixed reactions over the quotes it has been displaying on its signboard. 

The Makara Beach Cafe changes the quote every week, as well as uploading them to its Facebook page. While some seem to find them funny, others aren't as impressed. 

One woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, told Newshub she was offended by them saying it felt like a step backwards. 

Facebook users are divided with the latest quote that compares alcohol and cigarettes to women receiving mixed reactions. 

"Cigarettes and alcohol have warning labels because they are addictive, dangerous and destroy lives, and yet women are just allowed to roam about freely," the latest post reads. 

The majority of the comments are positive, with one user saying they "love this" and "had a good chuckle". However, the post has also received some angry reactions.

Other examples of the cafe's signs include one with the quote, "if a woman says 'first of all' during an argument, run away because she is prepared with research, data, charts and will destroy you."

Another has the quote, "when a woman says 'just do what you want', do not under any circumstances do what you want".

One sign focuses on plastic surgery, saying "if I was a plastic surgeon...I would 100% put a squeaky toy in every breast implant".

Not all of them are focused on women though, with drinking, dogs, farts and food all having signs dedicated to them as well. 

So are the signs offensive or just some lighthearted fun?