Auckland politician Rob Thomas campaigns for Western Springs geese to be re-homed instead of killed

The population of geese at Western Springs Park could be killed.
The population of geese at Western Springs Park could be killed. Photo credit: Getty

A gaggle of geese at Western Springs Park could be killed if they are not re-homed.

Waitemata Local Board Member, Rob Thomas, said the geese at Western Springs Park had experienced a "population boom". Around 120 geese currently live there, alongside pukeko and ducks. 

The bird population is seen as harmful to the environment, dirtying the track and water, and could prove unsustainable for the park - who have been advised to only keep around 20. 

The park's maintenance contractor was reportedly contracted to monitor less than 30 geese. 

"The council is thinking of culling them off," Thomas said. An Auckland Council officer made a presentation to the local board about reducing the park's geese population earlier this year. 

Thomas decided to ask if the birds could be re-homed instead of killed. 

"I gave the officer a call and said, 'hey listen, if we can find some Aucklanders, some other people who are interested in relocating these geese, can we do it?' and he was really keen."

Thomas has started a video campaign on Facebook, 'Help Save the Geese', asking people to contact him if they are willing to foster a goose.


"Auckland, I need your help," Rob Thomas says in the video, which has racked up 44,000 views since it was posted to Facebook on Wednesday.

"I'm calling for anybody who would like to have geese on their property. If you live on a lifestyle block somewhere, I'd love to hear from you."

Thomas posted a video update to Facebook on Tuesday, saying he was delighted by the public's response to his Save the Geese campaign.

"About every hour I'm getting an email from someone on a lifestyle block, looking to house some geese and look after them."

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